Login into your Asus Lyra Trio AC1750 via the Asus router setup wizard

The Asus Lyra Trio AC1750 has a travel-Sized Design conveniently small and light in weight. That is why it is easily moveable anywhere. To create a Wi-Fi network, you need the Asus router setup wizard. You will access the Asus router firmware page. It is a tri-band WIFI router with AC1750 connectivity. It provides you with a quick connection for your HD streaming on all connected devices. One of the great features of this router is “One Switch for Multiple Modes,” which is perfect for Wi-Fi at home or on the road. In this system, you receive a flexible Micro USB port to hook up the adapter, portable charger, and laptop.

Asus router login: Asus Lyra Trio AC1750 router

  1. Start your computer and open up a web browser or a search engine console.
  2. In the navigator of the search engine, input
  3. If the IP address has trouble accessing the login page, enter the default login address.
  4. Http://router.asus.com is the default login address to access the Asus router firmware page for the Lyra Trio AC1750 router.
  5. Next, you will see the Asus router login window. It requires an SSID and the password of your router.
  6. Enter ADMIN for the required default username and password field on the Asus login window.

Now you have successfully accessed the default login home page of your Asus Lyra Trio AC1750 router.

How do I change my Asus router default password ? 

Hackers can easily guess your default username and password to access your personal information. Hackers know the default credential very well for each one of the routers. No matter what the model of the router. Hacking has become the greatest crime in today’s time, and you must secure your WIFI router. The first step is to change the SSID and password. Let us introduce you to the simplest way to change the WIFI settings.

  • Open up the required web browser, and then type the acquired IP address in the address field. And then, hit the Enter key.
  • You will now see the Asus router setup wizard page, click on it and go to the setting section.
  • You will be asked for the Asus router default password and username to approach your firmware page.
  • It is the default or unique password and username for your Asus router login.
  • If you have created new login credentials while setting up the router, use that one only.
  • In case you have created a unique username and password, remember them. Else you have to reset your router to its factory default settings.
  • Take out a note of the default login credentials of your router. And then enter them into the appropriate fields of the login window.
  • Now, you can see the settings of your Asus router login page. Now, you have the authority to change whatever you like to replace.
  • On each screen of the setup process, apply the changes before you go to the next level of the screen.
  • When done, log in again to your Asus router login web interface. After completing the whole process, close your Asus router setup wizard.

Importance to update the Asus router firmware for Lyra Trio AC1750

Firmware is a unique software that is already built into your engineering gadgets. The electronics and the engineering gadgets, like WIFI routers, mobile, washing machines, TV, and laptops, all work on the firmware. Asus router firmware is the feature that tells a specific device to run in a particular manner. It is always inside the hardware of your device. The manufacturers of any gadget keep releasing the latest firmware to update the previous features.

  • Unzip the downloaded firmware file and save it as a ZIP file or .img file on the desktop folder of your computer.
  • Login to the router using the web browser of your choice and availability.
  • On the address tab of the browser, enter http://router.asus.com or http:
  • You will get the Asus router setup wizard. Here, you should hit the enter tab and get to the Asus router login page.
  • The Asus Lyra Trio AC1750 login page will ask you to provide the default username and password.
  • You can even use the customized login credentials also depending upon the situation.
  • As you enter admin for the login username and password field, a link to the login page will appear on the screen.
  • Go to the ‘system tools’ or firmware update section from the advanced wireless setup page.
  • Click the update button or browse the extracted latest firmware file from the desktop.
  • As you hit the update button, the router will boot up.

Click and check the Asus router firmware update process by visiting the status page. Some firmware update processes can restore your router to its default factory reset condition. In this case, you are supposed to login back to your router and hit the quick setup wizard to reconfigure the router to its original settings.


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