Asus password reset using a web browser

You require a default web URL to perform the soft reset through the web browser. It is for the Asus router setup to factory default settings. After implementing the factory default settings, you become eligible to use the default login credentials. It also vanishes the previous customization that you have done earlier. Asus setup factory reset also enables you to get your router in the best condition as it will become free from bugs, viruses, and other malicious factors.

  1. Open up a web browser like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or safari.
  2. Go to the ADDY of the browser and navigate it to
  3. You can even enter the default gateway of your router that is the IP address
  4. Then go to the Administration page and click the option “Restore” from the following;
  • Restore
  • SAVE
  • Upload Settings
  1. As you click the option [Restore] button, your router Asus setup gets the factory default settings.
  2. Now tap Ok or Apply to confirm and save the settings.

Asus router reset process using a reset button

To perform the hard factory reset to your Asus router setup device, go to the back panel of the router. Look for the unique and very tiny reset button.

  1. Before pressing the reset button, make sure that the router is on.
  2. Take a sharp-pointed object from the front.
  3. Press the button gently and hold for at least 10 to 15 seconds.
  4. Then take off the reset pin to release the button.
  5. After relieving the reset button, your router Asus setup will start booting up.
  6. After completing the boot-up process, your router will obtain factory default.

How do I setup the username on my Asus router after reset?

The network name of your router is known as the SSID of your router. It is the name you see while you’re mobile or the other networking device displays the available nearby networks when you try to connect to a WIFI network. After a successful login to your Asus setup and configuration page, you will see the WIFI network details on the right of the screen.

  1. Go under the section of “Wireless Name” (SSID). And then type the new name for your wireless network.
  2. Click the WIFI frequency band on 5 GHz and fill in the WIFI name for this particular band.
  3. Then click on the 2.4 GHz band, and type the SSID or the WIFI name for this frequency band.
  4. You can even input the same name for both the wireless bands, but this will create a mesh.
  5. Creating a different name or the SSID for the login will make it easier to select the Wi-Fi bands without any confusion.


It is also considered the safest way to set different WIFI names for different bands. Then click SAVE or APPLY to save the settings of your router.


Do’s of Asus router Setup Password

  • It should belong from 8 to 12 characters or 20 to 32 characters.
  • The password should be long but should be easy to remember for you.
  • It must be hard to guess for others so that no one can attempt to break it.
  • The password should be so unique that it should comprise various characters, numbers, special symbols, etc.
  • Use Upper case, lower case, different numbers, and short characters for the Asus router setup.
  • Passwords are the most personal and should not be shared with anyone.
  • Sometimes we forget, and it becomes difficult to retrieve. In this case, link the password with your email or Gmail account or share services with your reliable family members.
  • It is essential to change the password every 90 to 120 days. It helps you to keep your router in the best security.
  • If you make a note or write your password on a hard copy, keep this notebook in a secured place, like your documents.


Don’ts of Asus Setup Password

  • Never use a short Asus router setup password. Many computers and hackers can easily guess it.
  • Do not use common words that you can find in your family, like your nickname or the pet name.
  • Do not use any information to set the password that is guessed very easily.
  • Don’t use your birth date, name of the family member, anniversary date to set the admin password.
  • Never use the same password for each function of your router, as anyone can break it.
  • Don’t share your password with anyone who is not a member of your family.


Don’t use the password that you have already used in the past. As anyone uses it. Don’t keep an Asus router setup password for a long duration. It can be leaked or theft. Never save the password in the open or non-encrypted files on your computer. Never leave the computer without logging out to the admin login panel of your Wi-Fi router.

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