Asus router ac3200 connection via WPS button

Asus router ac3200 WPS button: Hardware interconnection is required between the router, the modem and the computer device, as it is difficult to create a high-speed and secure wireless or wired network without this interconnection.

This previous interconnection between the equipment can be accomplished in any of the three ways, i.e. WPS, Wi-Fi, and an Ethernet cable link.

WPS connection- Let us explore the link to WPS. WPS stands for the link of the wifi secure setup. This is the easiest way to connect the hardware wirelessly, since only the modified set of security types and keys supports a WPS connection. The WPA, WPA-2, WPSK, etc. security keys support the WPA link.

Let us show how you can easily connect your Asus router ac3200 to the modem and the computer system through WPS button.

  • Connect the router, modem and computer system’s power supply and wait for the devices to become stable.
  • Now, push the WPS button on the router and then press the WPS button on the modem within two minutes.
  • Also, select the WPS connection mode in the internet and network settings of your computer system.
  • Now, all the hardware will be connected to each other within seconds of time and what you need to do is just push the WPS button on all the components that need to be connected and in serial order.

Note- As earlier mentioned, this WPS button needs to be pushed within two minutes of the designated time.

How to reset the Asus wireless router?

The Asus wireless router is a very powerful system for networking and does not need to be reset as such. But in certain situations, where the user forgets their login information, such as their login password, the system must certainly be reset.

Using the reset button, the Asus router reset can be done easily. Here is how the system can be reset.

  • It is assumed that the power supply of the Asus router is on and the device is stable, push the factory reset button given deep inside a pinhole of the router.
  • Insert a pinpointed object like a paper pin or clip and press the reset button with that.
  • You have to push and hold the reset button for at least 2-5 seconds or until the router gets a power cycle (reboot).
  • The LEDs on the router will get off and on indicating the reboot and the device, in turn, will be reset back to its basic factory state erasing all the data from its memory.

Note- Users have to keep in mind that the device needs to be configured all again if it has been reset once.

How to change the password of the Asus router ac3200?

  • The login password of the Asus route ac3200 can be changed conveniently by accessing its admin setup page through
  • Open the web browser and enter the web domain and hit enter.
  • Get through the login page of the Asus wireless router after entering the required login credentials i.e. the username and password which is “admin” for both the fields.
  • Now select the status panel and the security tab. select the drop-down list to change either the username or password of the router.

What are the primary IP addresses for the Asus wireless router?

For logging into the Asus wireless router’s admin setup tab, there are mainly two to three local IPs., and are such IPs. It is via these default IPs that users can access the router device’s web setup page for their configuration or for any device adjustment to be made.