Asus Router login via Asus Android App

Go to the official Asus website to find the latest version of the Asus router app. You can even install the Asus Android App from the Apple play store or the Google Play store. After downloading, install the Asus app. After a few seconds, launch the Asus app. Now, look for the SSID section of your Asus AC66U Setup AiMesh router. And then get associated with it. You can also get the default SSID from the label that is on your router.

Simple steps to login into your Asus router via Asus Android App

  1. Make login to your ASUS router setup page, then go for More Options. And then go for [AiMesh], and press the option [Get Started].
  2. As you click the option Get Started, it would automatically start discovering the AiMesh Node by default.
  3. In the Asus router App, click the [Manage and Control] section. And then click on Quick Internet setup.
  4. Next is to click on the Setup Asus Wireless Router option and hit the START button.
  5. Wait till it is detecting the type of internet connection. Now the WIFI name and the password are required to fill here. They work as the Asus router login ingredients.
  6. Then, find out the ADMIN username and password for the RT ASUS AC66U router.
  7. After that, the Asus router App will apply the settings. Therefore, click to finish the process.
  8. Go to settings and connect with the new WIFI name. Follow the onscreen options.

Go back to the Asus router app, and agree with the terms and conditions of the Asus Android App. Now your router is connected to the internet WIFI network.

Why am I unable to get the Asus router login page?  

Are you unable to get the Asus router login page? Then you have to reset your Asus router through the hard reset process. It is simple and easy but has harmful results. You can do it only by pressing a small button called the Reset button. The reset button is on the body of the router.

  • Press the button for a minimum of 10 seconds.
  • And keep holding the button for 10 seconds.
  • Then you may release the reset button.
  • To press the button, use a toothpick or a hairpin.
  • The reset button is fixed a little inside the body of the router.
  • That is why we need a thin and pointed object to press the reset button.

After releasing the button, your router will start flashing its LED lights, which means it is rebooting now. Wait a while, and then login again using the RT-ASUS AC66U router’s default credentials (Username and the password).

What is the use of the ASUS Device Discovery App?

ASUS Device discovery app helps to discover and find all the ASUS networking devices. These devices are a WIFI router, extender, IP cam, Access Point, Wireless Media Bridge, etc. The Asus device discovery app also helps to find your device’s IP address, log in to the Asus router firmware page of the Device, etc. You can achieve all the above-described functions and networking features from the ASUS Device Discovery App.

How do I install and use the Asus Device Discovery App?

  1. Go and click on the Google Play store to find and download the Asus Android App. You can also get them from Asus.router.login.
  2. Here, you can download the Asus router app by scanning the QR code or clicking the link available on our website.
  3. To install the Asus App, go to the Settings>then to the APPS and Notifications. Then go to the APP Info. And then choose [ASUS Device Discovery App] and click to install.
  4. Download and install the [Device Discovery App]. After getting it installed on your android phone, click to open the Asus app.
  5. Asus router app will ask you to read and confirm the terms and conditions. Tap at the checkbox below the terms and conditions agreement page.
  6. After getting with the terms and policies of the Asus router app, connect your android mobile with the WIFI network of your router. This can only be supported by the WIFI.
  7. Go to the Setting section of the dashboard of your router. And try to connect your android mobile to the WIFI network of your ASUS AC66U router.
  8. To proceed ahead, you have to refresh the page first. Again, click the refresh button to scan the wireless AP.
  9. Now the Device Discovery App will show you the list of wireless AP in your WIFI network.
  10. Here you can easily find the IP addresses for all the connected devices in your WIFI NETWORK.
  11. Opt for the model number or the WIFI name of the wireless AP, whatever you wish to manage.
  12. Login to your router via and get the settings done.

Do you wish to optimize your WIFI range through radar beamforming and high-power antennas? Then you must bring your home ASUS AC66U router for better coverage. For Network control, you can use the ASUS router app that is free for your PC and Mobile or Mac. For any other queries, call our technical expert or leave a message in the chatbox.

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