[ Solved ] How to Setup ASUS RT-N12 router wireless-N300 ?

[ Solved ] How to Setup ASUS RT-N12 router wireless-N300 ?

This guide is designed to help users understand how to set up the ASUS RT-N12 Router using the Fast Internet Setup feature. The first move is to connect the router to the corresponding power adapter. After that, link the linked Ethernet cable to one of the router’s LAN ports and connect the other end of … Read more

[ Quick Steps ] How to Setup ASUS RT-AC5300 Tri-Band WiFi Gaming Router

You will experience the power of tri-band, basically designed for high-end gaming, after the ASUS RT-AC5300 router setup. It will increase the speed to 5334 Mbps, enabling you to enjoy a smooth gaming experience with 4K video on your entire gaming setup. To get a faster and better range, the tri-band connects the system smartly … Read more

3 Quick Steps To Fix ASUS AC3200 Connection Problem

You’ve heard of the ASUS AC3200 router and how amazing it is to increase your speed on the internet. The first few months were fantastic after the purchase. But then, for no rhyme or explanation, you had one of your computers disconnected. This pattern of disconnecting and reconnecting would continue for days and, despite all, … Read more

Asus router ac3200 connection via WPS button

Asus router ac3200 WPS button: Hardware interconnection is required between the router, the modem and the computer device, as it is difficult to create a high-speed and secure wireless or wired network without this interconnection. This previous interconnection between the equipment can be accomplished in any of the three ways, i.e. WPS, Wi-Fi, and an … Read more

How to Setup Asus Router AC3100 Dual band [ Wireless Router Setup Guide ]

Routers are responsible for improving the level of quality of your home Wi-Fi link. These Asus AC3100 routers are also able to provide your home Wi-Fi network with a highly sustainable security framework, instead of providing a tremendous lightning fast speed. Thanks to the router.asus.com web interface, which is easy to communicate with by typing … Read more