Failed Internet access through

Your devices reveal that there is no internet connection after plugging in your ASUS router and connecting it to the internet, i.e. failed internet access via, which means that the router is functioning properly but isn’t connected to the internet and isn’t transmitting data to and from the internet.

These kinds of issues happen for a variety of reasons, but first, let’s make sure our configuration is right, since this is one of the most common reasons people have trouble connecting to the internet even though they are already connected to the router.

One of the most critical aspects of installing any smart device is the configuration. Setup

This is also where the bulk of errors occur because people do not always obey directions correctly.

  • So, in order to find a solution to your dilemma, let’s quickly go through the setup to see if you did anything correctly.
  • Make sure the router is correctly plugged in, then connect the internet cable to the WAN port and make sure it is firmly fastened.
  • Check that all of the LEDs on the router are working, and that the internet symbol is green, as this means that the router has built a link to the internet.

Lacking a reliable wireless or wired link

If you have a great setup but still can’t connect to the internet, double-check that your ethernet cable is correctly plugged into your device. However, if you are using wireless mode, make sure that the router is within range to prevent any problems.

Check the LEDs to make sure the relation is stable; if they are green, you’re good to go. If the internet LED isn’t green, the router hasn’t been able to connect to the internet, in which case you should try the instructions below.