How to Setup Asus Router AC3100 Dual band [ Wireless Router Setup Guide ]

Routers are responsible for improving the level of quality of your home Wi-Fi link. These Asus AC3100 routers are also able to provide your home Wi-Fi network with a highly sustainable security framework, instead of providing a tremendous lightning fast speed.

Thanks to the web interface, which is easy to communicate with by typing router.asus in the browser’s address bar. Although the 404 link error is experienced via router.asus, the user may also use an alternative, i.e., as the browser’s URL to communicate with the router.

How to Configure Asus AC3100 router?

ASUS routers are the most important software required for filing the communication gap between the users and the devices. It acts like an interface which commendably works to function according to the requirements of the users.

This pre-embedded software controls the functionality and not only controls it but at the same time also enhances its working level, if it is regularly updated.

The update program of this software is a necessary method if you want to receive the utmost performance level of your router. The firmware of the router is basically updated through the web interface of the router but now with the help of ASUS tether app, it can also be remotely updated through your Smartphone.

Steps to Configure Asus AC3100 Dual-band router

Before visiting the web interface of the of the ASUS routers, the user needs to visit the downloading center of the ASUS to download the latest available firmware.

  • It is usually recommended to unzip the file after the installation. The extracted file is easier to open rather than trying it on a zipped file.
  • Now, visit the home screen of your ASUS router and double tap on the browser icon on your desktop.
  • Type router.asus on the address bar of the browser. The user can also type as the URL of the browser.
  • The moment you hit enter and ASUS router login page will immediately flash up on the screen.
  • Click on the Drivers & Tools option. Select the Device discovery tool and you will catch see a highlighted Download tab on the screen.
  • Now, go to your system and select the file As soon as you select it and click on the open tab.
  • The installation of the firmware will be completed by the installation wizard.
  • After the installation process gets completed, click on the tool icon to check the IP address of the device.

How to reset your Asus RT AC3100 Dual-band router?

The robust method, but still the most effective, is the reset process in the routers. In the router, the reset procedure is carried out manually, which restores the configuration to the default one and evacuates the data from the router.

It also eliminates all the data along with the bugs and threats from the router which in turn enhances the performance functionality of the router.

How to enable Roaming blocklist in ASUS AC3100 Routers?

  • First, make sure your machine is wired to the router properly.
  • Then open a window on your home network that is connected to WiFi.
  • Enter router.asus as the site address, or you can also use the LAN IP address as the URL to visit the default ASUS router gateway.
  • On the phone, the ASUS router login page appears.
  • The user needs to mention the credentials inside their respective fields to login to the Asus router login window.
  • Type ‘admin’ as the default credential in the username field and enter the router password you applied earlier in the password field.
  • Click the login button and on the desktop, the simple homepage appears.
  • Click the Advanced button, then select the Roaming Block List tab at the top right of the screen, and then click the Yes button next to the Allow Roaming Block List.