Why is not opening?

There may come a time when we become unable to access our Wi-Fi router. You cannot make any important changes to your router in such a situation. There can be many reasons that you cannot access your router using Maybe you have suddenly left the old admin network and forgot to pass it on. The reason hardly matters to us now except solutions. The question arises, how can you get into your Asus router login via Follow the below-listed steps to resolve the not opening problem.

Troubleshooting steps for the not opening 

Below are the frequently utilized troubleshooting steps for your problem. You can use these steps to access the Asus router user-based interface via the IP address. The following steps are not interrelated. You can start with any point you like. Whichever method you utilize, do it exactly, in the same way as described here.

Restore the default factory configuration of your Asus router

  1. The first resolution is to reset your router to its factory default setting.
  2. Every router has a small reset button on its outer panel.
  3. You have to press and hold the reset button for about 15 seconds.
  4. Then you can reset most Asus routers back to their original factory settings.
  5. After reset, you have to login back to the web interface of your router.

It may entail a bit of effort on your part to reconfigure your Asus Wi-Fi Router. Make sure you verify the security settings associated with your WIFI network.

Reconfigure the router after the Asus router reset

If you ever want to resort to this method to get into your router web interface? Then use the Asus router reconfigure process. You must have enough of an impetus to ensure you a secure admin password of your router for future purposes.

  1. Open a web browser of your choice and input into the address bar.
  2. Enter the Asus router login credentials shipped by the manufacturer.
  3. Admin and password are the two credentials that most manufacturers use.
  4. Enter the two login credentials into the search bar of the browser.
  5. And then, hit the login button to get the dashboard of your router.
  6. Once you hit the login button, you can get the Asus router login web-based interface.

Check the firmware of your Asus router

  1. Next, you need to check the Asus router firmware.
  2. The firmware should be up to date with the latest version.
  3. You can also enable auto firmware update to auto-update the firmware.
  4. Is the IP address not opening?
  5. Then use http://router.asus.com to access the web interface of your Asus router.
  6. Does http://router.asus.com fail to access the login page?
  7. Then, use the default Asus router login gateway.
  8. Use or into the address bar of the web browser

Use a wired connection instead of a wireless network

Use a wired Ethernet cable connection to log into your router. Connect your computer to the LAN ports of the router and login using a web browser. You can also change the configuration device. If you are using a Windows computer, then use a laptop or a mobile device.

If you are trying to access the router via a wired network, shift it to the wireless network. If you are trying to access the router via a WIFI network, then access the roterlogin.net page using the wired network. Also, try to change the web browser.


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